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Edsoma is on the fast track to becoming a preferred reading application.

Edsoma is designed to help kickstart your reading journey, just start by reading out loud and our technology will follow along and help with pronunciation along the way. With text highlight functionality….

App creator and CEO Kyle Wallgren was inspired to build Edsoma after wanting to spend more time with his kids. While Kyle looked for apps he could use to read with his children, he realized such apps and platforms didn’t seem to exist.

This gap in the market and Kyle’s belief that reading and reading well is a fundamental skill to live a rewarding life led him to develop the innovative new app, Edsoma. Edsoma, with its patent-pending voice recognition reading assistant software, is on its way to becoming every family’s favorite reading application.

“I wanted to continue reading with my children even when I’m not with them. So, I created this app for not just myself but other parents in a similar situation. Whether you’re a veteran or a busy parent away from the family home, you can use Edsoma to spend quality time with your children.”

Kyle is no stranger to business creation, having built several companies from the ground up. However, he says Edsoma is the first one he has done out of joy. His own literacy struggles give him first-hand knowledge of the global literacy issues that need to be addressed, and he is on a mission to make a difference.

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While Edsoma started as an engaging, fun app that allows families to spend quality time together, no matter where they are, it has become much more. Edsoma is now an innovative reading and communication application for caregivers, students, and teachers, with follow-along technology, text highlight functionality, reading level measurement, reading reports, and a peer and group reading feature.

Edsoma can also be a form of tutoring by correcting readers when they mispronounce words and provides a reading report after every reading. Teachers and caregivers can use this reading assessment information to identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth.


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The Future of Edsoma

Edsoma’s future looks as bright as that of the students prioritizing their literacy and learning. This reading and communication app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices, and new features are continually in the pipeline to enhance users’ reading experience even further.

Be part of the Edsoma journey and start your literary adventure today. With hundreds of fiction and non-fiction books to read across multiple genres, there’s something for everyone with Edsoma.

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